“You Feel Like You’ve Probably Let Those Guys Down” | Jason Demetriou On Souths Exit

It has certainly been a tough week for former South Sydney coach Jason Demetriou, with the club and him parting ways last week just 12 months after signing a contract extension.

Speaking on Triple M’s Thursday Scrum, Demetriou was very open and honest about his exit from the club.

“It’s probably hit the family a little bit more than me than me and that probably hurts a little bit.” said Demetriou

“We had, you know nearly six years at South Sydney and had some met some wonderful people and made some really good memories in that period.”

We asked about the challenges he faced on and off the field, Demetriou cited the rough draw and heavy injury toll as factors.

“You know, the draw was very interesting to start the season in terms of who you play and clearly [we] had a tough start to the year and that was always going to be problematic for us if we couldn’t get our best players on the field.”

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“The noise was there and the only way to quieten that down was to win And we weren’t able to do that and it got louder and it’s probably why I’m sitting here now.”

I’ve spent, you know the best part of six years at that club and a lot of those guys have grown up and matured while I’ve been there so there’s some really strong connections and that’s probably the part that makes it harder – that you feel like you’ve probably let those guys down a little bit.”