20 Years Later, Carrie Bickmore Reveals the Story Behind the Infamous Doodle Sketch

On July 10 2014, Carrie Bickmore surprised fans of the Channel Ten show, The Project, when she held up a piece of her script with a picture of a doodle on the back of it, unaware of the crude drawing.

This gaffe was one that fans at home quickly noticed, taking to X (formerly known as Twitter) to share their thoughts:

Twenty years on from that mishap, on her national drive show across the Hit Network, Carrie Bickmore shared with her co-host, Tommy Little, the story behind what lead to the C*** n’ Balls gaffe:

“It’s a shame that the first time I ever drew a CnB was on national TV”

What made it even more even more shocking at the time, was the timing the reveal took place, “at the very end of the episode we were currently in, it was a very sad story” said The Project host. So as Carrie raised her paperwork to give some feedback on the “sad report”, the audience gasped at the image splashed across their screens.

Hear Carrie explain why the image existed in the first place, and how her past television co-host, Charlie Pickering, is involved:

Charlie Pickering also verified this story by admitting to being an avid fan of the crude image – one he regularly used when signing off every night: