Rapper Sean ‘Diddy’ Coombs admits to beating his ex-girlfriend

Rapper Sean ‘Diddy’ Coombs has admitted to beating his ex-girlfriend, Cassie Ventura, in the hallway of a hotel in 2016. 

Coombs made the public admission in a social post after footage of the incident was released by CNN. 

 “It’s so difficult to reflect on the darkest times in your life. Sometimes you got to do that. It was f***** up. I mean, I hit rock bottom. But I make no excuses. My behaviour on that video is inexcusable. I take full responsibility for my ashes in that video and disgusted. I was disgusted. Then when I did it, I’m disgusted now,” he said on Instagram.

The confronting footage shows Coombs wearing just a white towel, punching, kicking, shoving and dragging Cassie… even throwing a vase in her direction.

Cassie sued Coombs last November over what she claimed were years of abuse;  that lawsuit was settled the following day for an unspecified amount.

Several lawsuits against him have sprung up since Cassie launched legal action – accusing him of sex trafficking, sexual abuse and rape. Coombs has denied all accusations.

The LA County District Attorney said the statute of limitations prevented them from pressing criminal charges against the hip-hop mogul.

Family and domestic violence support services:

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