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7 Steps To Actually Stop Giving A F*ck About What People Think 

If worrying about the opinions of others is holding you back from pursuing your dreams, the latest episode of the Do You F*cking Mind? podcast with Alexis Fernandez is for you! 

WHY do we care so much about what other people think and HOW can we tackle it? According to cognitive neuroscientist Alexis Fernandez, there are realistic steps we can take to minimise this feeling, and turn it into something productive. 

From identifying the reasons why someone might be judging you (hint, it’s not that personal), to the importance of putting your own longterm needs before the fleeting thoughts of others, Alexis’ steps are the essential guide to getting your life back on track! 

Take a listen: 

“People will find something else to talk about, so it’s short lived. But what’s not short lived is your regret of not doing what you actually wanted to do; of not making that decision that served you in that moment,” Alexis explains.

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“So if you’re like, ‘I wanted to actually follow this career, but I was worried that people would laugh at me or not believe in me or not think that I could do it. So I didn’t do it,’ you’re comparing a long term decision with a temporary feeling, and it’s not fair, they don’t weigh up.”

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