Ryan Daniels on the club offering Elliot Yeo millions to leave West Coast

Ryan Daniels On The Club Offering Elliot Yeo Millions To Leave West Coast

Perth based Triple M Footy journo Ryan Daniels has named the club offering Elliot Yeo millions of dollars to leave West Coast at the end of this year.


“He is out of contract… it’s a bit unusual, we’re at round 10, this stuff’s usually done by now,” Ryan said about Yeo on Xav & Michelle for Breakfast.

“And if it’s not done, that tells you that maybe something’s up… so I had a look into it.

“Here’s where it’s at: there was a conversation earlier in the year between West Coast and his representation to have a look.

“Now that offer has not moved since then, and it was a very below market offer I would say, for Elliot Yeo.”

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Daniels said with Yeo’s form spiking, his value has risen as well.

“He’s been playing out of his mind, so the value for Elliot Yeo is going up, it’s going up, it’s going up.

“So that West Coast contract deal would have been a two-year offer, and it would have been on less money than he’s been on the last two years.”


Daniels said that the offers have now started to come thick and fast for the Eagles’ versatile veteran.

“There’s multiple clubs — east coast based clubs, so not Fremantle, east coast based clubs — that are very, very keen on Elliot Yeo,” he said.

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“There’s a number of them that are interested, one of them would be the Adelaide Crows, they are at the front of the queue.

“They need a big bodied, experienced midfielder, they were into Elliot Yeo last year, now they’re really into Elliot Yeo.”

Ryan said that the Crows’ contract presented Yeo with more tenure and cash.

“They want to give him three years… West Coast were two,” he said of the South Australian based club.

“The last few years he’s probably been on about 800 grand a year roughly… the way these deals work these days is that they’re always the same.

“But one of the years, maybe the first year is a significant number, and I’d say you’re close to the mark with that 1.3 (million dollars, a number Xavier Ellis had guessed when discussing the contract).

“Maybe even slightly higher that that.”


Daniels said it would be hard for Yeo not to have his head turned by the offer.

“I’m not saying he won’t be at West Coast next year,” he said.

“But if you asked me six weeks ago I’d say he definitely will.”

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