700 ‘Kyles’ is not enough to break the world record

How many ‘Kyles’ would you need in a single place to break a world record? More than 700 is the answer.

The city of Kyle in Texas has tried to gather the largest number of people with the same name in one location to nab the Guinness world record—706 people called Kyle turned out over the weekend.

But they fell short of Bosnia’s current achievement, which brought 2325 people named Ivan together in 2017.

It’s not the first time the Kyles have come gunning for the Ivans—last year, the official count at what has become known as the Gathering of the Kyles was 1490.

So, what names could take the cake in Australia? 

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Our friends at The Briefing crunched the numbers to find out what names might work based on today’s baby names.

In Australia, the most popular boy’s name is Oliver for ten years in a row and for girls, it’s Charlotte, according to research by McCrindle in 2023. 

If you look back to 1980s Australia, the names Michael and Matthew were top for boys, while Jessica reigned supreme for girls.

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