Arman Abrahimzadeh speaking to inmates about domestic violence.

Arman’s Dad Killed His Mum. Here’s How He Broke The Cycle.

Arman Abrahimzadeh lost his mother to domestic violence in 2010 when his father murdered her in front of 300 people. Now Arman has dedicated his life to try and end domestic abuse.

Arman’s Dad murdered his mother whilst exploiting a loophole in an interim domestic violence restraining.

Today Arman and his sisters have dedicated their lives to changing domestic abuse patterns, and have helped change 40 ways SA police handle domestic violence matters.

Arman joins The Briefing to discuss how we can stop the abuse, stop re-offenders, and protect victim-survivors:

“Unfortunately, my dad tracked down my mum at a cultural event where there were 300 other witnesses or other community members and he stabbed her to death,” he said.

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Arman and his siblings opened the Zahra Foundation in his mother’s name. He spends time speaking in schools, juvenile detention centres, and even with domestic abuse perpetrators.

“As a child, you shouldn’t feel scared for your life if you are being disciplined.”

Arman talks about recognising patterns of behaviour he learnt from his father as a teenager and how he unlearned them.

If you’ve been impacted by domestic or family violence, you can call 1800RESPECT for free support.

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