Maria Bamford with Wil Anderson

American Comedian Reveals How Much Money She Was Paid To Tour Australia 

How much do big-name comedians actually get paid in Australia? In the latest episode of Everyone Relax’s Wilosophy, actress and stand-up comedian Maria Bamford revealed just how much money she’ll make from her upcoming tour down under. 

Whether you know her from her Netflix show Lady Dynamite, her guest roles on shows like BoJack Horseman and Arrested Development, or her many incredible stand-up specials – Maria Bamford has made a name for herself in comedy over her almost 30 year career. 

Speaking with Wil Anderson, Maria explained why she still participates in open mic nights, her philosophy on life, and why she’s so honest about money. 

“I like to put numbers out there just because it’s like- comedy isn’t unionised. The price for openers hasn’t gone up for 30 years, like they’re still paying people $50,” Maria explained. 

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“I find it so brilliant that you do talk about these things so openly and yet there still is that part if me that’s was raised very much not to talk about money,” Wil added.  

“No one does talk about money. And I understand the conceit that a lot of that silence is organise by the people who control most of the money, right? Because if we don’t talk and don’t share these stories, then it’s harder to agitate for being paid correctly.” 

Jump straight into the chat below:

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