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Transgender Youth Face Double The Risk Of Homelessness, Study Finds

New research has revealed that young transgender men, women, and nonbinary individuals are twice as likely to experience homelessness compared to cis-queer men and women.

According to the Trans Justice Project, a staggering one in five young transgender individuals have faced homelessness. 

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The study also revealed a troubling increase in anti-trans hate incidents in the year leading up to April 2023. 

On today’s episode of The Briefing, the team delved into the tragic issue of transgender homelessness, exploring potential solutions to this growing crisis. 

According to the research, 35 per cent of respondents reported experiencing increased anti-trans abuse, harassment, or vilification. 

Furthermore, one in ten respondents indicated that they had been victims of anti-trans violence.

Natalie, a guest on The Briefing podcast, shared her harrowing experience with homelessness. 

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She was homeless for about a year, navigating between social housing, homeless shelters, and couch surfing before securing a spot in a shared house. 

“A lot of people say trans women need to be kept out of women’s shelters for the safety of the cis women,” Natalie said.

“I did not feel safe around people. I remember definitely feeling out of place there because I was the only member of my specific demographic.”

Many trans people, like Natalie, often feel isolated and unsafe in traditional homeless shelters.

The crisis of homelessness among transgender individuals is widespread and severe, exacerbated by systemic discrimination and a lack of safe, inclusive shelter options. 

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