The Most Commonly Used ATM Card PIN Numbers Have Been Revealed

The top ten most common ATM card PIN numbers in Australia have been revealed, with a few unexpected entries, although no surprise what the most popular four-digit number is:

Yes, ‘1-2-3-4’ is the most common PIN number by Australians, followed by old faithfuls ‘0-0-0-0’ and ‘1-1-1-1’ – The choice of Boomers everywhere.

Last year 1.8 million Aussies suffered at the hands of card fraud with over 2.2 billion dollars lost. Card fraud is used to describe the use of credit, debit or EFTPOS card details to make purchases without the owners permission.

According to the Australian Bureau Of Statistics, a third of victims has less than $100 stolen, while one in six have over $1,000. The average is about $200. Almost everyone who gets scammed this way finds out about it thanks to their bank (92%).

Scammers will do anything to try to clone or steal cards, then the most likely way of them discovering the PIN number is to guess it. This list is pretty much where they’ll start.

So if you’re one of those lot who have 1-2-3-4 or the like as your ATM card PIN numbers, or you can’t resist a giggle at your super-smooth 6-9-6-9 you might want a re-think.

HIT Network’s The Jimmy & Nath Show revealed the top ten, with Jimmy then admitting he might be using that 6-9-6-9 for his phone lock! Come on Jim, you’re better than that! (okay, he may not be)

Lightening the mood, Jimmy and Nath moved on to the weekly Dad Joke segment, with one absolute gold submission. Keep an eye on the show Instagram and TikTok to see more jokes on The Jimmy & Nath Show – as well as listening right across Australia every weeknight from 7-10pm of course.

Not all the jokes on The Jimmy & Nath Show are always family-friendly…