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Are We Ready For Driverless Cars? Exploring The Future Of Transportation

With autonomous vehicles promising a future of safer and more efficient transportation, questions loom about their functionality, safety, and widespread adoption.

Despite setbacks, companies like Tesla persist in pursuing autonomous solutions, with Elon Musk’s announcement of a potential autonomous taxi last month.

So how do they work? How long will it be before we are all expected to share the road with autonomous vehicles? 

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On today’s episode of The Briefing, host Antoinette Lattouf explores the evolving landscape of driverless cars alongside James Ward, Head of Content at 

The conversation begins by delving into the fundamental workings of autonomous technology. 

Mr Ward said the advanced cruise control systems would not only maintain speed but also manage distance and lane-keeping. 

“The idea of an autonomous transport system where you can simply get into a pod as it only ever really needs to be. It can be a comfortable lounge room with facing seats, and just tell it where you want to go,” he said.

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However, full autonomy represents a leap forward, encompassing the ability to navigate various road conditions and interpret traffic signals.

While Musk’s Tesla has been a significant player in the driverless revolution, Chinese manufacturers are now emerging as strong competitors.

Companies like Xpeng are pioneering affordable self-driving options, potentially reshaping the global automotive market.

“The speed at which the Chinese brands and the technology behind them are working. To move forward in this space, both in the vehicles themselves, the battery technology, and in the driver assistance and autonomy technology,” he added.

“It is an incredibly fast-moving market, and I think every single auto manufacturer around the world is watching.”

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