Thousands Of Victorians Wake To 4.6 Magnitude Earthquake

A magnitude 4.6 earthquake has rattled Victoria’s east, with about 9,000 people officially reporting light-to-moderate shaking to the national earthquake centre.

Geoscience Australia says the morning’s earthquake is part of an “aftershock sequence following the 5.9 in Rawson back in 2021”.

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The earthquake was recorded at a depth of seven kilometres.

Victorian residents express disbelief as the fourth earthquake of June rattles the region, with social media flooded with their reactions on the last day of the month.

“Earthquakes so regular in Melbourne now that I woke up because I thought there was someone in my house, thought ‘I actually think that’s an earthquake, I’ll check in the morning’ and then fell back asleep,” a Victorian resident commented on Twitter. 

Geoscience Australia senior seismologist Jonathan Bathgate told Seven’s Sunrise program that the earthquake was part of the aftershock sequence and would be possible for more to follow.

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Elodie Borleis from the Seismology Research Centre in Melbourne told ABC that this earthquake could produce its own sequence.

“It is a larger event, so we would expect aftershocks,” Ms Borleis said.

“There’s been no reported damage so far; people have just reported feeling it and hearing it,” she said,

“This is very normal. Yes, we’ve had an increase in the last, you know, a couple of years of people actually feeling them, but the actual background seismicity hasn’t changed at all.”

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