No David Fifita, Possibly No Angus Crichton & Sitili Tupouniua Either | Brent Read On Sydney Roosters Forward Situation

Brent Read revealed the latest on the futures of Sydney Roosters duo Angus Crichton and Sitili Tupouniua on The Rush Hour with Gus, Jude & Wendell.


After Gold Coast Titans forward David Fifita bolted on his deal with the Sydney Roosters, the club were already concerned with fitting in both Crichton and Tupouniua within their salary cap.

Though, the former took control into his own hands, after speaking to the media about the current state of his own future before Fifita revealed his true intentions of staying in Queensland.

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Tupouniua has already been told he can start looking elsewhere, Ready reveals which NRL teams are very keen to get his services.

Crichton will also garner interest from various rival clubs, as well as Australian and international rugby union.

The Sydney Roosters, post Fifita’s backflip, are now stressing over the potential exit of both key forwards.