Pregnant Chloe Fisher and her husband in hospital

Pregnant Chloe Fisher Records Podcast From Hospital: “Plot Twist” 

Just when the Darling, Shine! podcast team thought it was time to knuckle down and create a solid plan for recording with Chloe Fisher’s upcoming birth, this week’s episode is recorded live from her hospital bed! 

Last week, Chloe’s husband, Aussie DJ Paul FISHER, announced he would be postponing two shows in New York as his wife had been admitted to hospital with signs of a preterm labour. 

Now, Chloe has shared the details of her hospital admission and given an update on how she and her bub are doing in the latest episode of Darling, Shine!

Take a listen below: 

Speaking with her co-host and bestie, Ellidy Pullin, Chloe explained, “in an ideal world, we obviously want the baby to stay in for a little bit longer, and this is why Paul’s stayed at home, because I need his support.

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“… In hindsight it is actually probably a good thing that they found out about my cervix because if I didn’t know that my cervix was so short, I would have for sure been at the show and be bouncing around, and my waters would have broken for sure… The baby’s calling the shots.”

Find out more about Chloe’s “miracle pregnancy” here!

In this episode, Ellidy also dropped a major life update revealing she bought a new house after selling the home she and her late partner, Alex ‘Chumpy’ had together. 

“This is a single mum,” Chloe praised. “Absolutely worked her bloody ass off for the last three years, supporting her little family… You just purchased a home as a solo chick and you should be so proud.” 

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