Does Australia’s Secret Spy Base Have A Role In The War In Gaza?

Leaked documents reveal a top-secret spy base in Alice Springs could be playing a role in the Gaza conflict, sparking concerns that it puts Australia at risk.

The US and Australia have operated Pine Gap for over fifty years. Concerns are growing that spies may be eavesdropping on the Middle East and providing information to the Israeli Defence Force.

Australia’s potential role in the conflict raises questions about the public’s right to know how land and resources are used.

There are also concerns it could make Australia a nuclear target for foreign powers.

Alice Springs journalist Alexandra Barwick gives a local perspective on The Briefing podcast:

The ABC found leaked documents revealing the base provides detailed geolocation intelligence to the US military that can therefore be used to locate targets.

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Host of the new ABC podcast Spies in the Outback, Alexandra Barwick, said it’s Australia’s “eyes and ears of the world.”

Barwick said fifty years ago locals in Alice Springs were told the base was a space research facility.

“No social media back then, they were just told, hey, great news, big development coming. You’re gonna get a Space Research facility and you know space was really sexy back then.”

“Often [base workers] would say ‘oh I’m a gardener’ and that’s sort of become an in-joke in Alice Springs.”

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