Wendell Sailor On Latrell Mitchell Stoush With Braith Anasta “Same Thing Happened To Me!”

Wendell Sailor gave his thoughts on the news that South Sydney Rabbitohs fullback Latrell Mitchell and current NRL media talent and legend of the game Braith Anasta were involved in a verbal exchange outside a Surry Hills restaurant, in regards to the latter feels he’s being perceived by Anasta.


Speaking on The Rush Hour, Sailor explained that Mitchell actually confronted him at a pub in the off-season.

“Pre-season, Latrell had the same sort of thing with me,” started Sailor.

“He asked if I could be a bit more positive please in and around the game.”

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Wendell though didn’t call out Latrell behaviour, explaining it was dealt very professionally.

“He wasn’t being aggressive with me but just asked me to be a bit more positive.

“I just said that I had a job to do and nothing personal, it’s my opinion.

“I said, I’m a fan of you Latrell but when things happen, I get asked for an opinion, like Braith.”