Pfas chemicals are lurking in your eco-friendly straws. Stock image (right).

PFAS Chemicals Lurk In Your “Eco-Friendly” Straws And Other Takeaway Containers

Across Australia paper straws, wooden cutlery and cardboard tubs have replaced plastic in a bid to protect the environment, but new research shows they can contain dangerous chemicals that are harmful not only to humans but also the environment.

The chemicals, known as PFAS or forever chemicals are found in many “eco- friendly” straws and takeaway containers because they make them water resistant. But they never break down. They can last for thousands of years in our soils and waterways and high exposure in humans has been linked to thyroid disease, kidney and testicular cancers, low birth weight, infertility and raised cholesterol.

In this episode of The Briefing, Jan Fran speaks with the Commercial Manager at EnviroLab Group David Springer to understand the level of these chemicals present in these so-called sustainable products and whether they are dangerous.

Say you go to a restaurant and you take away some leftovers. They might give that to you in a paper packaging bowl. You don’t want that leaking through the bowl. So they have water resistant qualities. These chemicals are also very good at fat resistance as well. So that’s where they will come into pizza boxes or things like popcorn containers.

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