Doctor Reveals The Age You Need To ‘Permanently Eliminate’ Beer

Dr Richard Restak is one of the leading brain scientists in the world. He has recently revealed the age you need to stop drinking beer and ‘permanently eliminate’ alcohol from your diet to retain brain function and overall health.

Triple M’s Mick Molloy might have given up by then, if the prices keep going up!

Peter Attia is another expert in the field and a best-selling author who is clear on the medical damage done by booze.

“No amount of alcohol is helpful, so no additional amount of alcohol does good.”

Dr Restak has advised on brain health to governments all over the world, even NASA. The 81-year old has written twenty books on the subject. He has three key bits of advice for people to fight memory loss and stay healthy as they age:

“Stop drinking, keep reading, look after your hearing.”

In his book ‘The Complete Guide To Memory: The Science Of Strengthening Your Mind’, Dr Restak shares tips and games to keep the memory active. He also told CNBC his ‘7 Rules For Keeping Your Mind Sharp’

People over 50 say one of their greatest fears is developing Alzeimer’s Disease. But studies suggest 40% of Alzeimer’s cases can be delayed or prevented with the right approach.

A key one of those strategies, according to the good doctor, is to stop drinking alcohol. He reckons it is absolutely essential to ‘permanently eliminate’ drinking by the age of 65.

By that age you have fewer brain neurons and because alcohol is a neurotoxin, it isn’t good for the nerve cells in your brain. That means damaging how it works, leading to memory loss.

So, does that mean people who drink a lot are more likely to be the sort who walk into a room and forget why they went in there? Perhaps.

Or they might just be distracted thinking about how much they want a pint.

As well as advising everyone to stop drinking beer, Dr Deshak, is a strong advocate for the afternoon nap. Giving the brain time to switch off is a good way of re-charging it.

So, we can have a sleep every afternoon but once we retire we can’t have a beer at knock off… not sure it’s worth it…