NFL Kicker Harrison Butker Slammed For Housewife Speech

A storm of criticism has surged following the viral video of Harrison Butker’s speech at a US college graduation, prompting the NFL to publicly distance itself from his remarks.

The footage shows NFL player and Kansas City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker addressing the female graduates in the crowd. Butker told the women their main and most valuable vocation in life is being a wife and mother.

In the post #MeToo world and amidst a spike in violence against women in Australia, The Briefing hosts Helen Smith and Sacha Barbour Gatt discuss why Butker’s comments are dangerous.

Listen to The Briefing to hear Butker’s speech debunked:

“If so many young people are seeing this, especially young boys, then it is important to address it, to unpack it, to pick it apart and point out the dangers,” Smith said.

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The NFL’s senior vice president and chief diversity and inclusion officer, Jonathan Bane, said in a statement that Butker’s views are not those of the NSL, which they claim is committed to inclusion.

“This is a really crucial time for the NFL and its relationship with women. So this past Super Bowl was the most watched ever,” Barbour Gatt said.

“I’m sure that the NFL is worried that this speech could have an impact on women and girls wanting to watch the sport,” she said.

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