Brendan Fevola in studio not looking too impressed

Brendan Fevola SLAMS Misogynistic Callers Live On Air

AFL legend and radio host Brendan Fevola was NOT happy about these callers on Fifi, Fev & Nick this morning, after a discussion around ‘dating requirements’ was brought to light.


The first caller explained his dating requirement was for someone with blue eyes, blonde hair to drive a Range Rover when it was suggested whether he would change his mind.

“Maybe I could look past it if she had huge bloody knockers, that’s the only way”

“That’s bad radio. Sorry to all the females out there.”

The second caller was none the wiser.

“I’m already married but ever since… the world’s shifted to this new age”

“If we go back into the traditional ways, we’d all be happy”

“Men go out and bring the bread home, and the women can stay home in the kitchen, clean the house, look after the kids, iron all the clothes”

Fev was quick to snap back.

“I don’t agree… my wife is the CEO of her own business, got a huge company, going overseas. I find that so attractive… she is so powerful and I’m like, ‘this is sick'”

“Yeah, my wife’s pretty happy, she’s at home, she’s in the kitchen, she’s slaving away”

“Yeah, I’m sure she’s happy bro. I reckon she’s real happy”

“I reckon she hates you.”

Good on you, Fev!

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