russell manser bank robber with newspaper clippings

Russell Manser Spent 23 Years In Jail As A Career Criminal

Russell Manser has had a unique start to life as a career criminal, stealing his first car at 14 and in the early 90s he robbed five banks.

From larceny to bank robbery, he shares all the details in this What’s It Like To Be A Career Criminal on Bec & Soda.

What’s It Like To Be A Career Criminal with Russell Manser:

At the age of 16, Russell spent 12 months in Long Bay Correctional Centre after stealing a Porsche.

“The judge stipulated that he’d send me to an adult prision to deter me from future reoffending,” Russell said.

“I was also introduced to the drug heroin, that put me on a path of crime,” he said.

Russell Manser has had a unique journey from the cells in NSW, the NT and QLD to now running an advocacy group for former prisoners.

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