“When We Wedge In, We’re Not Turning Around!” Dell’s Hilarious Retelling Of His Famous All Stars Try!

Wendell Sailor on The Rush Hour’s Indigenous All Stars v Maori All Stars preview special had to talk about the first ever try in the annual season opener… his own.


The Big Dell created one of the most iconic memories in modern rugby league history, after he scored, and used the corner post as a didgeridoo.

Though Sailor explained, that it wasn’t actually his idea, nor was he originally confident he could even pull it off.

“That was my last professional game,” said Dell.

“To finish like that was so emotional.

“I can’t take credit for that try… though I do have great hands,” said a chuckling Dell.

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“[Johnathan] Thurston in the dressing sheds came up to me, why don’t you pick up the corner post like a didgeridoo but I was umming and aahhing.

“I didn’t score in my last eight games for the Dragons.

“As the play goes, Scott Prince looks at me and nods as Manu Vatuvei, he wedges in. 

“Big Manu and people like me, Lote [Tuqiri], when we wedge in, we’re not turning around, it’s a bit like Queen Mary!

“I pick it up, I score and Thurston looks at me and points to the corner post and I realise all the blokes around me are doing the shake-a-leg.

“For me, that was the emotion.

“I will never forget, that’s what it’s about.”