Phone with OpenAI's GPT-4o opened.

How New AI Can Be Used To Manipulate You, Tech Developer Reveals

This week Chat GPT unveiled AI that can now recognise emotions, meanwhile tech developers are concerned over how these developments can be used to influence people.

Google has revealed its new AI assistant “Astra” and OpenAI announced it’s GPT-4o.

Tech entrepreneur and marketing specialist Ashi Bhat says, “Humanizing these AI models is very significant in the process. It’s really exciting but also very risky.”

Tech entrepreneur Ashi Bhat joins The Briefing podcast to talk about how big tech companies are using AI:

Bhat says there are reports of companies like OpenAI working with media agencies to discuss media partnerships and advertising.

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If these chatbots are then influencing us to take on certain views or adopt certain products, there’s manipulation happening there that we might not even be aware of,”

Ashi Bhat said.

Bhat said there is an obvious competition between big tech companies like Google and OpenAI, leading to more ambitious projects, timelines and research.

“After this week, we’re seeing companies like Apple and Amazon falling behind,” she said.

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