⚽️💥 Tears of Pride: Unveiling the Game-Changing Legacy the Matildas have left behind in 2023! ⚡️🏆

In a heart-warming revelation, Matildas’ stand-in captain Steph Catley shared a touching story that epitomized the profound impact of the team’s World Cup performance.


“I’ve never experienced anything like it in my entire life… Some of the stories were, were very special.”

Catley detailed an emotional exchange between her and a Qantas flight attendant that highlighted the team’s ability to inspire change beyond the football field.

“She started crying and just saying it had the biggest impact on her daughter’s life. And the way that she felt growing up, she used to play sport and how different it is for her daughter. 

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“And she was just saying thank you and yeah, crying. And it was just, yeah, very, very special.”

This tear-jerking encounter encapsulated the ripple effect of the Matildas’ success, resonating with individuals across generations.

Catley details that and steps through the World Cup in the 200th edition of the Howie Games.