PM Honors Faraz Tahir As National Hero At Bondi Memorial

Muhammad Taha, the hospitalised bodyguard and colleague of Faraz Tahir, recounted the terrifying moments of the Bondi Junction stabbings that occurred two weeks ago. 

Speaking to the media on Friday, Mr Taha shared his harrowing experience of the stabbing incident at the Sydney Eastern Suburbs mall, which claimed the lives of six people and left another 12 hospitalised.

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The Queensland attacker, 40-year-old Joel Cauchi, was shot dead by NSW Police Inspector Amy Scott.

“I’m grateful that God saved my life, but at the same time, I’m very unhappy for my colleague,” he said. “He will be missed, and we will remember him,” he said.

Mr Taha recounted how he and Mr Tahir were standing side-by-side when they heard screams and shouts from shoppers. 

“I saw (Faraz Tahir) bleeding out, so all of a sudden (Cauchi) jumped towards me,” he added.

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“I tried to stop him… but somehow he managed to stab me as well.”

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said Faraz Tahir died a national hero.

“Without doubt he helped saved lives that day and without question Faraz Tahir died a national hero and he will be remembered as a hero in the history of this hard time but also remembered in all of our hearts,” Mr Albanese said.

“On behalf of the Australian Government and the people of Australia, I offer our deepest sympathies to all of you who knew Faraz Tahir best and who loved him the most.

“Faraz Tahir counted himself lucky to have come to Australia. In truth, Australia was lucky to have him.”

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