“All These Woke People, Leave Our Game Alone!” Gordy On Calls To Ban The Kick-Off

The kick off has come under the microscope in recent weeks, with calls for the game to ditch it in the name of player safety.

Gorden Tallis was fired up about the prospect as a very staunch defender of one of the most thrilling parts of our game.

“We should not apologise for being Rugby League!” said Tallis

When questioned by Ben Dobbin on Triple M’s Sunday Sin Bin about the merits of keeping the kick off in Rugby League, the former Kangaroo didn’t mince words.

“So no more Shane Webke’s so let’s get it[the kick off]out, lets have all wingers and Sam Walker’s all kicking the ball around and play that – that’s called AFL.”

“So all these woke people, leave our game alone!”