“He Should’ve Been Up In The Line!” Luke Priddis Funny Take On Scott Sattler’s 2003 Heroics For Penrith Panthers

2003 Penrith Panthers premiership hero and Clive Churchill Medallist Luke Priddis sat down with Aaron Woods for Footy Talk’s Woodsy’s Club Tour.

And Woodsy couldn’t help bring up one of rugby league’s most iconic moments, when Scott Sattler chased down Sydney Roosters winger Todd Byrne and tackled him over the sideline.

Priddis’ response to the moment that helped secure him his second premiership… he started to snore.



“I was actually pretty pissed off with him because Sattler should’ve been chasing it,” started Priddis.

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“If you have a look at it, and he doesn’t say this, he should’ve been up in the line and chasing.”

Priddis praises his former teammate but knows Sattler will always carry that moment for the rest of his life.

“It’s one of those big things on the big stage that he’ll keep wrapping himself for the next 20 years.”

But in fairness to Scott, who can blame him!