“The Eels Are Entitled To Be Fuming” | James Hooper On Sivo Brain-Snap

Maika Sivo’s inexplicable brain snap at the closing stages of the game against Manly cost his side the chance for victory at a time when they desperately need one.

James Hooper was quite scathing at the Fijian winger and his lack of focus at a crucial moment in the game.

“The Eels are entitled to be fuming because at 20-18 for Maika Sivo to have that brain snap, there was never going to be any benefit to his actions.” said Hopper.

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“As a result it did cost the side heavily and ultimately it could have an even greater ramifications because they’re desperate to try and find ways to win.”

Sivo went from first half hero to second half zero as he scored a double early in the contest before he second half brain explosion.

“They’re coming off a couple of poor performances and then Maika produces that.”