“He Tried To Make Everything About Him” James Graham On “Personal Attacks” From Peter FitzSimons

In a special episode on Footy Talk League, James Graham and Aaron Woods shared stories of encounters with media & journalists.


The pair alongside Adam Peacock shared the good, the bad and the ugly for an in-depth chat on how athletes actually handle their careers and livelihoods in the spotlight.

Though, one of the uglier moments was the feud between Graham himself and former Wallaby, now sports journalist Peter FitzSimons.

The two started butting heads after FitzSimons disagreed with Graham’s opinions on concussion during the latter part of his playing days.

Views that Graham explained angered him.

“Nothing that anybody’s ever written about me has ever invoked such a response as a Peter FitzSimons’ article,” started Graham.

“I don’t think it was an article, I took it as a very personal attack.”

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Graham explained after the initial column from the journo was released, phone calls, apologies but then another article from FitzSimons angered Jimmy, yet a charity event a few years later was an opportunity to make amends.

“The Concussion Legacy Foundation Australia launch event,” started Jimmy.

“I’ve been invited to come and speak on this panel,

“Unbeknownst to me, he’s there as well on the panel.”

“[Let] bygones be bygones, we’re to launch Concussion Legacy Foundation Australia, of which I am an ambassador and a board member.

“Well, first question, he just gets the mic and goes, are you going to apologise for your comments?

“And I was like… what are you talking about?

“He tried to make everything about him.”