Greg Blewett pictured with Rahwit Shwarma and Alex Carey

Greg Blewett On The “Disgusting” Backlash Following Comments About Rohit Sharma On Willow Talk

Greg Blewett opens up to Bernie and Jars on Adelaide’s Rush Hour about the ‘disgusting’ backlash following his comments about Indian cricket captain Rohit Sharma.

The disgusting messages include people wishing that his wife Katheryn and his children would die.

Greg Blewett On Social Media Backlash:

Blewey shared his thoughts about Sharma during an episode of podcast Willow Talk, stating that he doesn’t believe “Rohit Sharma is getting it done anymore”.

The original comments made on Willow Talk:

“I’m worried about India’s ODI captain. I don’t know, I’m just seeing he’s just clinging on. I would have thought India would have made a move on the one day leadership. I can just see it going wrong again for India…I’m just not sure Rohit Sharma is getting it done anymore.”

The comments quickly made news in India, which then caused the barrage of social media messages toward him and his wife Katheyn Blewett.

“It started about 4 days ago, my wife Katheryn started getting messages from people in India.”

“I just want to comment on it and let everyone know that this sort of thing goes on.”

Andrew ‘Jars’ Jarman showed his concern for his co-host saying, “they’re cowards mate”.

“You gave them an honest assessment of someone.”

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