Iced Coffee Machines

Iced Coffee Makers You Can Grab During The Black Friday Sales

Iced Coffee machines have been trending lately, and they’re the perfect thing to pick up in the Black Friday 2023 sales before we head into a hot Australian summer!

If you’re just here to tell me that any coffee maker can technically be an iced coffee maker – cool it. I don’t want to hear it. What I want is a big clear plastic cup of coffee and ice. Nothing would make me happier than a dedicated machine to make my morning cup.

Sunbeam Iced Coffee Machine

This single-serve coffee machine quickly cools concentrated, hot brewed coffee over ice to deliver iced coffee that’s never watered down. It’s ready in four minutes!

$66.36 on Amazon

Sunbeam Iced + Hot Coffee Machine

A slightly more upscale and fancy version of the basic Sunbeam, you can get both your iced and hot coffee fix with this machine.

$119.20 on Amazon

Barista Mate Digital Iced Coffee Maker

This bargain priced machine uses a concentrated brewing method for a richer, more intense and flavourful cup. It makes delicious iced coffee in as little as 4-minutes.

$41.65 on Catch

Kmart Iced Coffee Maker

The viral machine that started this current craze, it’s an easy to use machine that’s very well priced. While not technically on sale at the moment, the everyday low price is pretty appealing!

$39 at Kmart

All prices were correct on November 22, but are subject to change by the individual retailers.

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