NSW Police

Man Charged With Possessing Stolen Guns, And Attempting To Sell Protected Native Lizards

A 25-year-old man from southern New South Wales faces a multitude of charges, including possessing stolen firearms, drugs, and attempting to sell protected native lizards. 

The man, identified as Jye Ronald Pendrick, was arrested by police at a rural property in Humula, approximately 60 km southwest of Holbrook in the Riverina region.

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During the search, authorities found a trove of allegedly stolen items, among them three firearms accompanied by ammunition. 

Police confiscated three trail bikes, a luxury watch, and various tools, including a chainsaw and hedge cutter, a lawn mower, Road and Maritime Services road signs, number plates, and a bogie trailer.

Police also made an unexpected discovery, finding four shingleback blue-tongue lizards, a protected species for which Pendrick lacked the requisite licence. 

It was revealed that he had attempted to sell these animals, further compounding his legal troubles.

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According to Chris Williams, president of the Australian Herpetological Society, there is a strong demand for shingleback blue-tongue lizards, both domestically and internationally.

“They’re fantastic pets and that’s why they are so popular here and overseas and unfortunately sometimes they are being smuggled out of the country — which is heartbreaking,” Mr Williams said.

Pendrick now faces a series of charges, totaling 35 offences, encompassing possession of unauthorised firearms, hunting on private land without a licence, and dealing in protected animals. 

He appeared in Wagga Wagga Local Court on Thursday and was remanded in custody until his next court appearance scheduled for May 14.

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