The Best Black Friday Air Fryer Deals

With the weather heating up in Australia, there’s no better time to get yourself a new Air Fryer than this week’s Black Friday 2023 sales. Avoid a hot kitchen this summer and cook your nuggets and fries in your brand new Air Fryer. Amazon in particular is serving up a lot of Air Fryer savings.

Philips Premium Air Fryer XXL with Smart Sensing Technology HD9861/99

The Philips Airfryer XXL does the thinking and cooking for you. With Smart Sensing technology, it is the only Airfryer that automatically adjusts time and temperature during cooking for perfectly cooked dishes. 

$379 on Amazon

Philips 3000 Series Essential Air Fryer L Compact HD9200/21

If you’re keen on a Philips but in the market for something a bit cheaper, this simple model could be the one for you. Enjoy healthy food that’s crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, thanks to Rapid Air Technology.

$99 on Amazon.

There’s also several other Philips models on sale at Amazon.

Instant Pot Vortex Plus 5.7L Air Fryer

The versatile Vortex Plus offers 6 functions in one; AIR FRY the crispiest chips, BAKE delicious cakes and pastries, ROAST whole chicken, meats or veg, REHEAT Leftovers, GRILL perfect steaks and DEHYDRATE your fruit, veg or meat.

$120.99 on Amazon

Ninja Foodi 11-in-1 6L Multi Cooker OP350

Rated Australia’s best Air Fryer by Choice, this 11 mode multi cooker features Tendercrisp Technology that combines the best of pressure cooking and air frying all in one non‑stick pot to quickly lock in juices and swap lids for a golden crispy finish.

$269 on Amazon or Bing Lee

Ninja Dual Zone Air Fryer AF300

Cook two different items at the same time! Smart Finish Intelligently syncs cook times in each zone so different foods can still finish at the same time. There’s endless possibilities for combinations.

$249 on Amazon

All prices were correct as of publication on November 21, but are subject to change by the individual retailers.

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