South Korea teachers

Why South Korean Teachers Are At Breaking Point

Trigger Warning: Discussion of suicide.

Last Monday, 15,000 people dressed in black attended an illegal rally in Seoul. This massive protest was triggered after three teacher suicides happened in South Korea in as many months. The first was a young teacher in Seoul who took her own life in July after expressing anxiety over complaints from abusive parents.

Teachers are now demanding better protection for themselves amid growing outrage about teaching staff being mistreated, including being accused of child abuse for disciplining students.

One particular parents demand that a teacher delay her wedding date because the teacher because the parents told the teacher, if you get married while during the academic year that you will not be able to pay attention to my child. So please don’t get married until my child graduates. And so this is the kind of dynamic that the teachers are dealing with.

John Lee, Journalist for Korea Pro

In this episode of The Briefing Jan Fran finds out just what’s going on with Korea Pro’s John Lee who’s on the ground in Seoul.

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