This Is Why Tasmania’s Election Was Important

Tasmania’s recent election upheaval has sent shockwaves through the political landscape, setting the stage for intense negotiation and uncertainty. 

Despite Premier Rockliff’s early election call aiming for a stable majority government, the Tasmanian electorate has delivered a fragmented result.

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It is expected that the Liberals will hold 13-15 seats, which is more than Laor. But short of the 18 required to form a majority government. 

On today’s The Briefing episode, host Bension Siebert is joined by LiSTNR journalist Tessa Randello to discuss what this will mean for Tasmania’s future.

Randello said the Liberal party had been in power in Tasmania since 2014, and Tasmania remains the only state or Territory in Australia led by a Liberal government. 

With negotiations underway to form a coalition government, Premier Rockliff finds himself in a precarious position, forced to navigate diverse interests and agendas. 

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The fate of major projects like the controversial AFL stadium hangs in the balance, with differing views among potential coalition partners posing a challenge to consensus-building.

The rise of the Greens, the Jacqui Lambie Network, and independent candidates reflects a growing trend of disillusionment with traditional party politics as Tasmanians seek representation beyond the major parties.

Robert Hortle, Researcher at the University of Tasmania, said: “People are increasingly voting for independence and minor parties, and I guess that’s kind of indicative more broadly of the fragmentation and polarisation that we’ve seen across.” 

The outcome of Tasmania’s election holds broader implications for Australian politics, particularly as the last remaining Liberal stronghold in the country.

Josh Duggan, Political Reporter for Seven News, said: “Tasmania has been one of the most successful states for the Liberal Party in recent years, so it’s showing a bit of a path forward for the Liberal Party to be successful as we see nationally a bit of culture war between factions of the Liberal Party.” 

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