The Drake and Kendrick Lamar Beef Is Deeper Than Diss Tracks

Popular rappers Drake and Kendrick Lamar are currently embroiled in a very public spat that has music journalists comparing the two with Biggie and Tupac.

Hip hop journo and author Simone Amelia Jordan says the feud is more than petty online drama.

“Beef is good for business and let’s hope that we’ve learned from the horrors of the past with Biggie and Tupac,” Jordan said.

Reporter Simone Amelia Jordan spoke on The Briefing about Drake and Kendrick:

“Biggie and Tupac, they lost their lives over East Coast West Coast rap beef. We pray that these guys have learned and they just keep it all in the music, Jorand said.

The Drake and Kendrick feud has a long history, but now things have started to escalate.

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Drake and Lamar were once collaborators. Lamar was an opening act for Drake’s Club Paradise Tour in 2012 and Drake appeared in Lamar’s song “Poetic Justice” the same year.

Then in 2013, Lamar dissed Drake on a track, and in 2022 claimed he was a better rapper on Like That, a track featuring Future and Metro Boomin.

Diss tracks driving the clash have taken a dark turn, with accusations of secret children, cheating, domestic violence and pedophilia. 

“In New York City, there’s hip hop police squad,” Jordan said, “police that literally followed rappers because of the stuff they were saying.”

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