“Certainly Understand It”: Scott Morrison On Cancelling Christians

Former Prime Minister of Australia Scott Morrison has released his new book – and rather it a memoir of his time in Parliament, it shares his relationship with Christianity.

The book, Plans For Your Good: A Prime Minister’s Testiomny of God’s Faithfulness, provides an account of Mr Morrison, who was an open Christian operating at the top level of Australian politics for over a decade.

Mr Morrison joined Antoinette Lattouf on The Briefing, opening up about his time as prime minister, repenting his sins, and his impact on Australians.

Listen now:

Hitting Mr Morrison with the tough questions, Antoinette asked him where does he see the world in regard to the cancelling of Christians.

“If you don’t think cancel culture applies when it comes to people in this country, look a lot closer because Christians certainly understand it and we experience it,” he said.

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Antoinette responded, “I’m just trying to understand where this has happened. Often when we talk about cancel culture, a lot of it is rhetoric and hypotheticals, and very few actual examples”.

“If it needs convincing, then I don’t think you’re picking up on what’s going on out there would be my view,” Mr Morrison said.

Listen below to find out if Scott Morrison has reprented for any specific actions or policies implemented durng his time as prime minister:

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