Survey Reveals Slim Majority Of Australians Lean Towards “No” In Upcoming Referendum

A recent survey reveals that a slight majority of Australians are inclined to vote “no” in the upcoming referendum scheduled for October 14.

After weeks of intense debate and political division, the survey of 1,135 respondents reveals that 51 per cent of them intend to vote “no”, while 41 per cent plan to vote “yes”, and nine per cent remain undecided.

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The Guardian Essential Poll also highlights that 42 per cent of respondents firmly identify as “hard no” voters, while 28 per cent are “hard yes” voters. 

An additional eight per cent identify as “soft no” voters, and 12 per cent as “soft yes” voters.

The Guardian says these figures have remained relatively consistent over the past fortnight, though the margin of error, which is plus or minus three points, should be noted.

The data also reveals that 29% of respondents consider themselves persuadable, as they fall into the categories of “hard” or “soft” “yes” or “no” voters or remain undecided.

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The shift towards “no” voters marks a significant change from previous months, as “yes” voters had outnumbered “no” voters in July (47% to 43%). Still, this trend has reversed since then, culminating in a three-point decline for the “yes” campaign over the past fortnight.

Despite the recent surge of public demonstrations across the country supporting a “yes” vote and increasing conversations about the referendum, 39 per cent of the population still seems reluctant to engage in discussions regarding the referendum.

Furthermore, the poll reveals intriguing gender and age dynamics, as women and younger voters are more actively engaged in discussions about the referendum.

With less than a month until the referendum, the outcome remains uncertain, leaving Australians deeply divided on this critical issue.

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