Tanya Lee Glover Peled

Police Identify Body Of Woman Found In Wall At Brisbane Apartment

Police have formally identified the body of a women which was found hidden inside a wall in an Alderley apartment complex in Brisbane last year. 

Queensland woman Tanya Lee Glover has been identified as the woman found behind a besser block wall by cleaning workers at a Alderley unit complex in December of 2022. 

The 38-year-old was found on December 7 after cleaners came across her body on December 7. 

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Ms Glover was wrapped in sheets and partially buried beneath clothing and other items for around seven years. 

According to police, Ms Glover was both hair and vision impaired and moved to QLD from NSW in 2006. 

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Police have launched an official homicide investigation into her death.

Detective Superintendent Andrew Massingham told media earlier in 2023 that police are still exploring why Ms Glover was not reported missing. 

“Obviously it might relate to this person being quite transient, not necessarily having a large family, work group or the like, or the fact that someone close to her, known to her within a small family unit is responsible for her disappearance,” he said.

Investigations are ongoing. 

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