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Less Than Half Of Australians Embrace 5G As 3G Networks Face Shutdown

New research has shown that significant telcos are switching off 3G networks over the next 12 months, but less than half of Aussies have moved to 5G.

The study was conducted by the price comparison website Finder, discussing Australians’ attitudes towards 5G connectivity.

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Among over 53,000 collected responses, only 46 per cent of responders reported having 5G connectivity on their mobile phones.

Surprisingly, 24 per cent of Australians expressed disinterest in 5G coverage, while an additional 8 per cent admitted to being uncertain about what 5G technology entails.

Conversely, 22 per cent of respondents expressed a desire to upgrade to 5G service. 

The findings came after some telcos planned to shut them down and reform the networks. 

Major telecommunications providers, including Vodafone, Telstra, and Optus, have outlined plans to discontinue 3G services to further boost the infrastructure of newer 4G and 5G networks.

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Finder’s tech expert Angus Kidman told The Australian that people with old devices would be advised to upgrade soon or they might be cut off, “that applies to iPhone owners too”.

“If you’re using any model earlier than an iPhone 6, it’s almost going to be 3G only and will stop working next year.

“The 3G shutdown will also affect non-phone devices, including security systems, medical alarms, EFTPOS machines, and even some car’s remote start systems.”

Mr Kidman has advised people who use devices solely relying on 3G operation to check with manufacturers or their network providers to determine whether they are impacted.

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