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Here’s How Employees Are Using AI To Cut A Day Off Per Week

Did you know people are using AI at work to save upwards of five hours a week at work?

Already a third of employees are using AI for work, and in two-thirds of those cases, their manager doesn’t know.

Research shows those relying on AI for tasks are saving upwards of five hours a week at work.

Sectors like media, finance and education will see the biggest changes and experts say companies need to come up with an AI strategy as soon as possible.

These technologies can almost take the robot out of the Human and help us do the things we love about our work, not just do the robotic, mundane repetitive stuff, you know, staring at the blank page, hoping how I’ve got to get started on a thing I can now use an AI, you know, to help me do that.

Dr. Kellie Nuttall, Deloitte AI Institute

They’re using for things like media agenda shaping, for developing Powerpoint presentations, for coaching them on how to write an executive level pitch to someone who is quite senior in the organisation and is time poor.

Dr Kellie Nuttall from Deloitte’s AI Institute joins Katrina Blowers on today’s episode of The Briefing to talk about the developments.

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