Allergies are expected to rise by 70% by 2050. Stock image.

Did You Know Australia Is The Allergy Capital Of The World?

Its springtime which means allergy season is now in full swing and things are expected to get worse.

Here’s a pretty wild statistic for you: By 2050 – allergies are expected to increase by a whopping 70%.

Experts are not exactly sure why but they believe they are closer to an explanation. Some experts say it could be a combination of being excessively hygienic and not getting enough vitamin D because we are so skin cancer conscious whilst others say it is because we have low fibre in our diets.

There is a few main risk factors for food allergy in particular, things like the diet, the dry skin, vitamin D, dogs, and dribble. It’s a whole factor of things, and probably the environment and the modern lifestyle are contributing by us all being a bit overly clean.

Professor Kirsten Perrett, Director of the National Allergy Centre

In today’s episode of The Briefing Antoinette Lattouf dives into the potentially deadly world of allergies with Professor Kirsten Perrett, Director of the National Allergy Centre to find out what’s being done to curb this growth.

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