Body Found Inside Home After “Suspicious” House Fire In Glenorchy

Tasmania Police have discovered the lifeless body of an individual inside a residence on Sander Street in the northern suburbs of Hobart.

The distressing revelation unfolded following a house fire that prompted authorities to respond swiftly to the scene.

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Officers were summoned to Sander Street just before 7 am after receiving reports of a property fully engulfed in flames. 

The subsequent investigation confirmed the tragic discovery of a person’s body within the affected home.

In an official statement, Tasmania Police declared the fire as “suspicious,” prompting the immediate involvement of fire investigators and detectives. 

The ongoing examination of the property aims to unravel the circumstances surrounding the blaze and the untimely demise of the individual found inside.

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Aayush Aryal, a local resident of Glenorchy, recounted the unsettling moment when he discovered the fire around 6:45am. 

Having just returned from dropping off a friend at work, Aryal noticed the smoke and took a detour to investigate.

“I got the neighbours’ attention by banging their doors and called the fire brigade right away,” Aryal shared. Despite his initial inclination to check for occupants, a loud bang emanating from inside the residence prompted him to step back.

“I feel terrified and lucky,” Aryal expressed, reflecting the emotional impact of the incident on those in the vicinity.

Police are expected to provide further information later on Friday.

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