Independent Senators Lambie Criticise Government’s $300 Electricity Rebate

In a recent interview on ABC TV, Independent senator Jacqui Lambie expressed her discomfort with the government’s decision to allocate $300 to every household.

She said the decision would resemble the excessive spending patterns seen during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic and questioned the necessity of such blanket relief.

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“Are we back in Covid days? We’re just chucking money, left, right and centre. You’re too lazy to do some means testing. We don’t need $300, I can assure you,” she said.

Independent senator David Pocock highlighted the potential benefits of investing in household electrification instead.

“(Australia would) be much smarter as a country investing in household electrification where households could be saving $2,000 to $5,000 every year going forward,” he said.

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While willing to support cost-of-living measures, the opposition is against the Coalition’s proposed 10-year $23 billion Future Made in Australia plan. 

Opposition Leader Peter Dutton expressed concern over the government’s allocation of $300 to every Australian household.

“I just think people like Clive Palmer and Twiggy Forest and others … are great business people, they know how to milk a pretty weak government – and I think that’s what they’re doing at the moment,” Mr Dutton said.

“Those projects should be able to stand along and we support them – but now with taxpayers money, splashing billions of dollars.”

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