Dexter & Noodles of The Offspring in the Triple M Studios, Sydney.

The Offspring’s Hilarious Response to Vinyl Release Mishap

The Offspring, renowned for their energetic punk rock anthems and unapologetic lyrics, recently found themselves in an unexpected situation. The release of their highly anticipated 15th anniversary re-issue vinyl album, ‘Rise And Fall, Rage And Grace,’ brought an amusing twist when it was discovered that the pressing contained clean versions of three songs. The band’s uproarious response to this mishap has generated considerable buzz within the music community, earning praise for their candid and humorous reaction.

The Offspring’s Statement:

In a statement that perfectly captured their irreverent spirit, The Offspring expressed their astonishment at the discovery of clean versions of “You’re Gonna Go Far Kid,” “Nothingtown,” and “Stuff Is Messed Up” on the re-issue vinyl. They candidly admitted their fondness for the occasional curse word, emphasizing the importance of well-placed profanity in their music. The band humorously conveyed their horror at this unexpected turn of events and acknowledged their lack of awareness regarding the existence of clean versions.

“Any fan of The Offspring knows that we enjoy cussing on occasion, because sometimes there’s just no substitute for a properly placed curse word. So you must understand how we were completely f***ing horrified to find out that the 15th anniversary re-issue vinyl release of ‘Rise And Fall, Rage And Grace’ had the “CLEAN” versions of ‘You’re Gonna Go Far Kid’, ‘Nothingtown’, and ‘Stuff Is Mess Up’ on it. We have no idea how this sh** happened, we didn’t even know there was a clean version! We and Roundhill are working to fish this bullsh**  ASAP. We will let you all know how and when this will be remedied but rest assured, goddamnit, that it will be f***in fixed! Thank you all for your patience, and please accept our deepest f***ing apologies.”

The Offspring

Fan Response and Band’s Commitment:

The music community quickly embraced The Offspring’s response, applauding their genuine and unfiltered reaction to the situation. Fans and music enthusiasts alike praised the band for their candidness, commending them for not taking themselves too seriously. The Offspring’s willingness to address the mishap head-on and with a touch of humor only deepened the connection between the band and their loyal following.

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The band, in collaboration with their record label Roundhill, wasted no time in rectifying the situation. They assured fans that they were working diligently to fix the issue and promptly release the correct version of the re-issue vinyl. The Offspring’s commitment to providing their fans with the authentic experience they had anticipated showcased their dedication and appreciation for their audience.

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