Inside Pacific Avenue’s Silent Retreat With Inspired Unemployed

Dom Littrich, one of the driving forces behind Pacific Avenue, joined Matty O on Triple M Homegrown to chat about the release of their new album ‘Flowers’. During the interview, Dom shared his insights on the inspirations behind the record and the creative process that went into making it.

Dom spoke about the band’s experience working at The Grove Studios on The Central Coast in NSW, describing it as a “super magical place” that had everything they could ever want in one.

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He also shared a story about going on a silent retreat with Inspired Unemployed during a game of ‘Memory Lane.’

“It was three days. Just full silence. But it was the hardest thing ever because we’re with 8 of our best mates, and we’re just looking at eachother trying not to laugh”

Dom Littrich, Pacific Avenue

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The band’s experience supporting Louis Tomlinson of One Direction was another highlight of the interview. Dom spoke about visiting a Perth nightclub with the superstar, as well as the loyal crowds that left him buzzing for weeks.

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The interview also touched on the band’s success in winning over British crowds, with Pacific Avenue supporting The DMA’s in Manchester, England. They also played a game of ‘Write, Party, Dinner’ with Powderfinger, Elton John, and The Beatles.

Listen to the full interview below:

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