Freddie Mercury of Queen sighting on August 29th, 1990, in London, Great Britain. (Photo by Tom Wargacki/WireImage) (Monochrome edit by Kalun Townsend/LiSTNR)

Unveiling The Secrets Of Freddie Mercury’s Final Recording Sessions With Queen

In the early 1990s, as the world mourned the impending loss of one of rock music’s greatest icons, Freddie Mercury, little did they know that behind the scenes, the band Queen was working tirelessly to ensure their lead singer’s privacy during his final recording sessions. In this exclusive interview with Triple M icon Rob Duckworth, we delve into the details of Freddie Mercury’s last studio moments and the lengths the band went to protect their beloved friend’s personal struggles.


The Journey to London and the Innuendo Album:

In 1990, Rob Duckworth embarked on a significant journey to London to interview the legendary band Queen as they were in the process of recording their groundbreaking album, Innuendo. Little did Rob know that he would become a witness to history during these momentous recording sessions.

Freddie Mercury’s Disappearance from the Public Eye:

During this period, Freddie Mercury had quietly slipped out of the public eye. Despite his fame and adoration from millions of fans worldwide, Freddie chose to keep his AIDS diagnosis private, confiding in only a select few close to him. This revelation came as a shock to the world later, but at that time, it was a closely guarded secret.

Freddie’s Unwavering Dedication to Music:

Despite his health struggles, Freddie Mercury was determined to create as much new music as he physically could. He made a pact with his bandmates to give his all to the recording process, demonstrating his love for music and the desire to leave behind a lasting legacy.

The Protective Measures in the Studio:

To ensure Freddie’s utmost privacy during the recording sessions, Queen took extraordinary measures. Rob Duckworth reveals that throughout the studio’s corridors, partitions of hessian, around six feet high, were installed. These partitions acted as a shield, allowing Freddie to move around the studio discreetly, away from prying eyes and intrusive questions about his health.

“In all the corridors there was a partition about six foot high made of hessian. That was a little walkway where Freddie could walk around the studio without anyone laying eyes on him.”

Rob Duckworth, Tells Behind The Hits

Keeping Freddie’s Illness a Secret:

Rob acknowledges that the band had to maintain a web of lies surrounding Freddie’s illness. Understandably, they wanted to protect their friend and respected his wish to keep his condition private. The decision to conceal his health condition wasn’t an easy one, but it was one borne out of love and respect for Freddie’s personal boundaries.

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As we reflect on the final recording sessions of Freddie Mercury with Queen, we are reminded of the remarkable talent and determination that fueled one of the most iconic voices in music history. Rob Duckworth’s insights into those precious moments provide a glimpse into the deeply personal struggles of a musical genius and the profound love and loyalty of his bandmates. Freddie Mercury’s legacy lives on, not only through his music but also through the enduring bond he shared with Queen.

To hear the full story, tune in to Behind the Hits, where the magic of Queen’s music and Freddie’s indomitable spirit continue to inspire generations.

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