Are Schools Making Aussie Kids ‘Woke’? Leo Puglisi Weighs In

Leo Puglisi is the 16-year-old anchor-man who isn’t afraid of tackling the big dogs.

When Leo was 11 years old, he founded 6NEWS Australia which lead him to interviewing prime ministers, ministers and opposition leaders, including his infamous interview with Scott Morrison.

Listen now:

In this chat with Tom Tilley, Leo explains his pet hate of people saying he is controlled by his parents and what being woke looks like in schools.

“I can only speak from my experience… I don’t think anything in terms of being dragged into it by the department or by teachers that I’ve at least seen,” he said.

“The people at my school who post something on a socially progressive thing, or repost The Greens or post something on Pro-Palestine or anything like that, that’s just something driven by social media.

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“That is not being hammered in by the schools… for example, I’m doing a class on the Russian Revolution right now and our teacher isn’t hammering in Communist ideology at us, using all this Pro Bolshevik propaganda around the classrooms.

“He’s just teaching it how any teacher would teach it, so I don’t think at least in my school it’s happening.”

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