Ed Sheeran pictured by Zakary Walters
Ed Sheeran pictured by Zakary Walters

Ed Sheeran Reveals Who Saved His Biggest Hits From The Scrap Heap

Ed Sheeran has revealed how his wife Cherry made him record some of his biggest hits.

The musician said Cherry will never tell him a song is bad, rather not right for a certain album.
However she saved some of his recent hits from being deleted.

“Most of my songs pass the Cherry test,” Ed told Essential Vinyl.

“I’m so in it when I write them. I either love songs or I hate them, I do need someone who’s very apart from it. Cherry’s not musical, she just knows what she likes. I didn’t really know what Bad Habits was and she said ‘I really like that one, you should do more with that one’. Same with Shivers, same with Overpass Graffiti. I remember her coming it he studio when I was writing Overpass Graffiti. The chorus was there, she was like ‘that’s great, don’t f— it this one up’. She came in later and we had f—ed it up, it didn’t sound good anymore, she was like ‘What have you done? You should go back and revisit it’. We went back and undone what we did and it worked out.”

Ed Sheeran

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