Your Next Crime Podcast Obsession Based On Reviews

Don’t take our word for it, if you need a new true crime podcast then look no further than these 5-star listener reviews.

These podcasts follow real crime stories and the investigations behind them. If you don’t know where to start, here are five gripping, easy-to-jump-into episodes:

1. Morbid

Freaking Panama Girls episode … Freaked me right the fuck out. I still think about it regularly.”

– Listener review

In this episode of Morbid, the missing Panama tourists. After embarking on a philanthropic journey to Central America from the Netherlands, both young women went missing in the Panama jungle in 2014. The investigation ramped up when remains of the missing women were found, along with phones that called for help and a camera with spooky photos.

2. Small Town Murder

I think about #79 a lot. The whole thing is so odd.. the footprints in the snow leading up to the trailer but not back out, the friend who knew every little detail…I don’t think the kid they arrested did it.”

– Listener review

In this episode of Small Town Murder, what seems like an open-and-shut case gets much more complicated as prosecutors jump to conclusions, and evidence of a cold-hearted killer slowly comes to life. Hear about the intricacies of certain sneakers and the prints they may or may not make in the snow.

3. Crime Junkie

I JUST listened to this one and I had to have skipped over it first time around for some reason, cause I had NEVER heard of anything like that. Wow. That was straight out of a horror movie.

– Listener review

This episode of Crime Junkie unpacks the story of Shawn Grate, awaiting trial in Ohio for two counts of murder while he has admitted to many more. From 2005 to 2016 he terrorized vulnerable women in Ohio but police had no idea. Shawn Grate murdered women police didn’t even consider missing and it wasn’t until one day in September when an unthinkable call to 911 changed everything.

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4. Crime Insiders

What a fabulous and informative episode with practical advice that should be viewed and shared. This information needs to be widespread”

– Listener review

This episode of Crime Insiders discusses how cyber forensics has become an essential step in almost all aspects of criminal investigation. Cyber forensic expert, Rose MacDonald, has made it her life’s mission to combat technology-facilitated abuse. Her work ensures the complex process of evidence preservation of spyware-infested devices and encrypted apps brings these offenders to justice.

5. Unsolved Mysteries

Every time I get in my car, this was the only thing I listened to and I was instantly hooked. I finished all the episodes in a month probably lol highly recommend (also watch the Netflix adaptation!)”

– Listener review

This episode of Unsolved Mysteries tells the story of brothers Phillip and Mathew Reagan. What started as the cross-country road trip of a lifetime ended in unforeseen tragedy, when their bodies were discovered on a remote road in Arizona. Authorities believe it was a tragic case of “wrong place, wrong time,” but a vicious killer is on the loose.

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